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Frequently Asked Questions

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Your Questions


Are there other weddings at the same time as ours?
No, the site is private for your group.


Can we prepare on site?

This is not ideal but it is possible with extra money.


Do you have high chairs for children?
No, but you can bring some.

Do you have a taxi service?

We are members of a service of accompaniment and references too.

Do you offer accommodation?

No, however, there are chalets in Pointe-Calumet and the Imperia hotel in Ste-Eustache.


Do you have air conditioning in the tents?
Not necessary, the sun is not directly on the belvedere and there is a good breeze in the chapel. The barn is equipped with an air conditioner.

Do the curtains remain closed during the ceremony and dinner?
Not all the curtains are open if there is not heavy rain.

Do you have parking?

Yes, people park on the lawn directly.

Do you have bathrooms?

Yes 2 at the barn and 3 at the gazebo.

Do you have heating?

Yes in the barn and I have patio heaters on the gazebo.

Do you have problems with mosquitoes?

Fortunately not and we have baskets with mosquito repellent products.


Can we make changes with the menu?

Absolutely, the chefs will be able to guide you with your choice.

Do you have a choice for vegetarians or vegans?

Yes absolutely

What about allergies?

We support them with menu changes.

Do you use plastic glasses?

No, except at the bar after 11 p.m.

Can we taste the dishes?

Absolutely, we do a tasting party when you sign with us.

Do you have a big enough fridge?

Yes I have an Industrial fridge in the barn and my fridge at the belvedere is more than 10x10.

When should we give our menu choice?

10 days before D-Day.

How many menu choices can we make?

2 menu choices and vegetarian is an available choice.

What is the price for children?

Half price.

Do you have a children's menu?

Yes either pasta or the same smaller menu.

Can we bring our own wine?

Not really, however, we have exceptions and we charge $10 for uncorking.

How many tables do you have?

We have 8@10 and 10@12 round tables. We have 8 foot rectangular tables for 10 people.


How much deposit we have to give?

10% at the signing of the contract, 40% 6 months before and the balance at the practice of marriage.

Can we hang lights in the gazebo?

No, not really and it really isn't necessary.

Can my suppliers bring the flowers and the cake or the music the same day?

Yes, from 11am.


If I have decorations and items, when should I pick them up?

The day after the wedding before noon.

What is your capacity for the gazebo?

160 without packing the tables and 200 with tables on the dance floor.


Do you do other events than weddings?

Yes corporate and shows.

Do you do events for birthdays, baptisms, confirmations etc?

No, unfortunately unless it is weekdays we are seasonal.

From what date is your gazebo available?

From June to end of September.

Is it possible to do events in the barn?

Not for the moment. Maybe eventually.

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