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Making Dreams Come True

Married in 2014, Jérémie and Annik always dreamed of building the perfect wedding venue at Au jardin d'Emmanuel. Their dream has lent itself to many couples who have since been married at their family vineyard.

Their passion for creating memorable moments is what drives their success. They are a perfect blend of "laid back" with sincere attention-to-detail, making them the ideal team to work with.

Annik Patry & Jérémie Bourque

Turning a Vision into Reality

Owning an orchard has always been the dream of Jean Bourque, as well as to gradually integrate a vineyard.

In 1996, Jean and his wife Christiane Paquette acquired a 3000 apple tree orchard, on the Rang Sainte-Sophie in Oka.

Originally called "Verger Bourque," the site was renamed "Au jardin d'Emmanuel" in 2009.

Jean transformed a section of the apple grove for growing grapes, and created his vineyard.

Since 2015, the couple, 
Jérémie and Annik had the idea of a wedding venue.  Not just any venue, a once in a lifetime experience!!  Our moto, quality before quantity, always!! 

Jean Bourque & Christiane Paquette
Orchard & Vineyard Owner

Bringing your Culinary Vision to Life

Jérémie Bourque
Chef at Au Jardin d'Emmanuel

Co-Owner of au jardin d'Emmanuel, Jérémie always wanted to go back to school to learn how to become a chef.  When Covid 19 came knocking at our doors we thought it was the best timing ever!!  He is now doing what he loves most, cooking for the guests at the most important day of their lives with his mentor chef Pierre Leblanc, Jérémie is following his passionate dream!! And we could not be prouder!! 

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