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Vineyard Chapiteau

Say "I do" surrounded by the nature of our vineyard chapiteau. The durable rooftop and removable side panels ensure that no matter the weather, your nature-inspired ceremony is everything you dream of.

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Charming Barn

Your guests will be amazed by this 150 years old barn that was renovated but kept the craftmanship of the past.  They will be able to experience this charming barn by having their cocktails and hors-d'oeuvres the day of your wedding.  

Hillside Reception

Enjoy breathtaking views of the rolling hills of Oka, from our hill-side reception venue. Built into the side of a forested hill, this space is sure to leave you and your guests with that "WOW" feeling.

Private Parties

Video by Christopher Power,  Music by Martin Robert and Neighbours You Know

Video by First Class Pictures

Video drone by Michel Brassard, 2016, take note that the venue has been modified since

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