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Red Wines

Our red wine is made with the St. Croix and Lucie Kuhlmann grapes, offering notes of black fruit, backed by subtle aromas of ripe raspberries. Robust tannins give this wine an exceptional roundness and a long finish.

White Wines
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Our white wine is intense and fruity with aromas of citrus, grapefruit and green apples that bring freshness and perfect balance. Slightly tannic wine due to aging of 6 months in oak barrels.

Rosé Wines
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Our rosé wine is a selection of grapes grown at the orchard; a nice nose charmer with fruity aromas of strawberries and juicy raspberries. On the tongue, a soft, fresh, silky texture and a nice length of red berries.  We also have a new one, the rosé bubbly!!

Private Parties
Fortified Wines

A red fortified wine that gives off aromas of plum jam, red fruit and prunes. Balanced with alcohol and finishing with a dark chocolate taste.

Apple Aperitif

An apple cider aperitif which expresses baked apples leaving a sweet finish and spice flavors.  Made with our Quebec Cortland apples.

Corporate Events
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